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    2019-05-07 14:14:12

    Written by Joyous Hong

    20 April 2019



    The worldwide customers had seen the UST-105GS UV Coating Machine at our booth NO. 3E105 at PRINTCHINA 2019 in DONGGUAN.


    UST-105GS, the show machine was acclaimed by overseas customers as a great combination of world highest technology. Equipped with double diameter roller transmission structure, the machine can arrive max speed as 10000 sheets/h, still at stable running situation. Because of the ceramic anilox roller and step-less UV Curing system, the machine can have high spot coating precision and effective.     


    After the successful debut, the SHM International, the sole distributor of YIXIN, receiving thousands of visitors during the exhibition, is now working hard on its market strategy to send Atom to the world for the benefit of more international customers.